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We are a fairly new team , but we are all experienced in different areas of the work we do, we have YAs who excel in different areas of expertise, including: data analysis; youth proofing; design, and presenting. We understand we all have our own strengths and weaknesses as a team, so we continually work to learn from each other and widen our own individual skill sets, while still understanding we don’t have to perfect at everything. A skill that all of Team Liverpool share is the ability to communicate and work well with fellow young people, as a young person but in a professional manner during focus groups and consultations.

Team Liverpool have become experienced in working with children and young people through the different commissions we have been involved in, including:

How Safe Young People Feel in Liverpool

This was a commission brought to us by the Liverpool SCB to find out if young people felt safe in their local areas and how services could better support CYP in the city.

Findings: Findings within the report indicated that the biggest issues for YP were drug abuse, followed by alcohol abuse, gangs, CSE and varying forms of crime.

Response: Because of this piece of work, the police service responded with plans to increase presentations in schools regarding these issues, and to also task PSCOs to be more visible at youth centres to engage CYP more.

Manifest the Manifesto (How politically aware are YP?)

The purpose of this commission was to discover the main priorities and issues for CYP in the city, while also finding out how politically aware YP are in the city.

Findings: It was evident YP felt they were not politically aware, however they felt they would benefit from politics being taught more in school, or have a lesson dedicated to politics. Some of the main issues the YP highlighted were: mental health; having better opportunities and a curriculum that sets them up for life.

Response: The Commissioner (Cllr Hinnegan) used the recommendations as 2017/18 priorities.

Arts and Cultural Activities

The Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) wanted us to find out what YP think about Arts and Cultural activities, and how and why they decide to engage with them.

Findings: After analysing the data we found the top three activities YP are interested in are Arts and Crafts, Music and Drama.

Response: The LCEP were impressed with our findings and took on board our recommendations to help improve their services to make them better for YP.

Physical Activity

The Liverpool Active Promise aim is to try to create a healthier future for CYP in Liverpool and to try and identify barriers that are preventing young people  from being physically active.

Findings:  The identified findings have been incorporated within the Liverpool Active Promise Strategy and will be launched soon.

The LSCB YAs have youth proofed the LSCB Annual Report 2016/17 and also provide a quarterly newsletter detailing work they are engaged with.


This team are experienced in:

  • Delivering training
  • Inspections
  • Report writing
  • Youth proofing documents
  • Designing documents
  • Consultancy and consultations
  • Conference speaking.

Issues this team work on:

  • Crime
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Projects


National Museums Liverpool
“LSCB Young Advisors team are doing a fantastic job in helping to improve our communities and solve issues for young people. I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation delivered by two of the group at the Everyman regarding how Young People across the city feel about arts and culture and how they would like to engage. The presentation was excellently structured, well researched and delivered in a clear and concise manner plus passion and are well supported and supervised.

It is now our responsibility to help meet the Young Peoples needs and deliver services/activities which they will both enjoy and gain benefit from. I have been made aware that the Young People are now looking at issues relating to school attendance and I am positive that they will again do an excellent job and have a real impact in this area”


Youth Sport Trust
“LSCB Young Advisors have done a great job and it makes for interesting reading. I have been through the whole Liverpool Active Promise draft document and incorporated a number of changes that reflect the comments, feedback and statistics provided here.”


“I just wanted to share my thanks and appreciation for the fantastic job your LSCB Young Advisors did in Harthill Splice Project yesterday 20th February 2018.  The LSCB YAs ensured young people knew who they were and what they were doing and then worked round young people’s needs to ensure the widest possible access to the information gathering process.  One particular YA spent considerable time with a young man who has a significant speech & learning impairment ensuring his voice could be heard.  She reorganised questions so that they were easier for him to comprehend and spent as much time as was needed to ensure he said all that he wanted too.

At the end of the night he was really happy about all the time that she had spent with him.  He really valued it.  And we really value the time effort and expertise shown by the LSCB Young Advisors in our project where time, consideration and empathy are the foundation of successful work with vulnerable disabled young people”

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