NE Lincs Young Advisors - Testimonials

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Gemma Dabb - Commissioning Project Support Manager (Children and Families)

“The children and young people have worked alongside the on-going implementation of Future in Mind and the re-design of the children and adolescent mental health services locally. These young people have been heavily involved in a range of projects which has been varied across the whole of these agendas.
Young people also helped ensure that the voice of the child was heard during our consultation period for the re-commissioning of the children and adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing service. These young people spoke out about the issues within the system, how they would like the service to look and feel and also helped Commissioners shape the future of the service by ensuring that the needs of the child was at the forefront of all of the decisions made. The project group benefitted from working with young people and this has helped to ensure that the service commissioned puts the needs of the child or young person at the centre.
Young people have also been involved within the design and content of any materials which are being used to promote or inform people on Future in Mind and also reviewing services which have been commissioned such as the online counselling service. This has given us an insight into how services are performing and whether there are changes and amendments which need to be made to the services to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the children and young people using these. In turn this will help to ensure that children and young people are able to access effective support at the right time.
Some of the work which young people have been involved in was designing, creating and promoting 6 short films which highlights a range of emotional wellbeing and mental health issues, which aims to break down stigma and encourage positive mental health within the community. These short films have been greatly received, through social media and have also been showcased at a range of events with NHS England. Through having participation in these short films this has ensured that the films being produced were aimed at the right audience and the messages would influence their peers.”

 Laura Whixton - Quality Improvement Manager, CYP Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Clinical Network, NHS England, North (Yorkshire & the Humber)

“Working to support improvements in the care delivered to children and young people for their emotional wellbeing and mental health covers a broad and complex range of topics.  It is vital to ensure that efforts and limited resources are directed at what really makes a difference.  Working closely with children and young people ensures that one is kept in touch with reality and can respond to what really matters to them when improving emotional wellbeing and mental health.  Children and young people have a unique way of identifying simple solutions to complicated problems.  Their enthusiasm and concern for their peers is inspiring and motivates one to continue working in this field.  However, it is not a one sided relationship as involving children and young people helps them to develop their future employability skills, understand how care systems operate and importantly become caring, responsible members of society.”

Neil Crofts - Producer, Estuary TV

“I thought it was an absolute pleasure to work with all of the young people involved in making a series of videos focusing on mental health issues. The opportunity for us as a video producer, to engage with the youngsters from a very early stage in the production directly led to some fantastic, original ideas for each of the videos. It also contributed greatly to understanding the target market and the issues that they wanted to raise awareness around most.
In addition I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of the persons involved. From the initial pitch of deciding which company they wanted to work with, right through to the ‘premiere’ of the videos, the young people always conducted themselves superbly, and showed their dedication and passion to the productions. I feel this experience will only aid them as they move forward in their lives, working with other organisations, and would recommend any agencies whom have the pleasure of working alongside these young people to embrace the opportunity to listen to their input.”