Young Advisors
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Our Strategy

Empowering Young People

Changing Communities

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is key to the organisations pathway. It ensures we lead the organisation
in the best way and for us to have a clear direction on where we want to be.


Our Vision

Empowering young people, changing communities.

Our Mission

Young Advisors supports a network of teams across the UK to engage younger voices and ensure their views are used to transform the way organisations and society work. As a federation of charity and teams, we work collaboratively, continuously learning and nurturing our network talents to have a bigger impact. Our work makes a measurable difference to products, services, young people and wider communities.

Our Values


Young Advisors wants young people to be valued in communities.


Our charity has young people at its heart.


Using the best training we will support young people, communities and services to work together.


Nationally, we will support and nurture our network of teams. We want them to be proud to be part of the movement.


Great work comes from great workers - we are committed to keeping Young Advisors a creative, fun, supportive and challenging network.

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Our Goals- what will success look like

The Young Advisors network of teams and central charity will work cohesively and collaboratively to deliver youth-led commissions and contracts.

  • young people empowered to influence decision making
  • teams and charity working collaboratively to generate and deliver commissions and contracts

Young people are included at every layer of decision making, service design, monitoring and evaluation

  • youth led social action embedded in every local authority
  • a young advisor team operating in each local authority throughout the UK
  • The Young Advisors’ charity is respected and valued as a youth voice and empowerment market leading organisation

Young Advisors remain locally recruited and professionally trained by the Young Advisors Charity to provide links between professionals, young people and their communities ensuring that plans, services research and delivery are relevant and respected.

  • core training delivers high quality training for young people to enable them to deliver as Young Advisors
  • continue to develop and deliver a range of training to internally to young advisors and externally to a range of individuals and organisations

The Young Advisors Charity is a sustainable, trusted and respected organisation

  • secure new funding and revenue to generate a more diverse income base
  • evidence impact of young advisors works in delivering youth-led initiatives