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Leslie Silverlock

Why are we still a unique idea? Why not universal in every community, town, and district? Paying a handful of young people in every place a small fee to produce results and make places better? If this is one of the richest nations on earth, why not?

The seed for Young Advisors was found in a kitchen in the west country. Planted in a back room in London. Grown in the front room in Manchester. 

Those young people are seedlings no longer. They are 15 to 24 year olds full of ideas and ways to improve how we do things & finding ways to spend money more wisely.

How do YA’s achieve results? Young people look around. They know what’s going on. With encouragement, novel solutions are found. As well as proving the value of creating opportunities for personal development, Young Advisors can creatively change old habits into fresh approaches.

Uniquely, YA’s are living proof that young people are the experts in their own communities. With just modest training, they become consultants who can describe, represent, and advise on solutions for most issues. The direct knowledge of their communities cover almost all public and commercial services.

Youth programmes everywhere struggle to survive; the development of young people into future policy makers and communitarians only requires a little investment. Politicians, budget holders, and entrepreneurs are beginning to wake up again to the power of young people, as agents of change and better lives.

Thanks to dedicated Team Leads, imaginative organisations and partners, and the 2200 trained Young Advisors, this Charity is going strong and working well with its new federation of YA projects.

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