Set Up A Team


Setting up a team is easy! We always look for new organisations to join our network. If you support our Vision, Mission & Values then you're already half way there.

To give you the best chance of success, we recommend having a few things in place before you set up a new team:

  • Commitment to plan and support the team’s activities for a minimum of 1 year

  • A staff member who can commit at least 1-1.5 days per week to manage the team

  • Good networks in your local community

If you don’t have all these resources right now, we’d be happy to talk to you about ways you can develop them for the future or explore whether our training or research capabilities might be a suitable alternative to setting up a team.

Typically, each Young Advisor franchise covers a specific geographical area, for example a borough, district or council boundary. If an active team already exists in your area, we will explore how you could pool resources and work together.

There are different support packages available, depending on how much support you need from the Young Advisors Charity to get started. Core Young Advisor training is a vital first step for your team of young people to become a Young Advisors team. Support from the Young Advisors Charity will also include advice from other team leads, the Network Advisory Group and Young Advisors communications and branding. 

Get in touch to find out more!