Young Advisors
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Southwark - Street Base

Empowering Young People

Changing Communities


Peer to Peer street engagement with young people to increase access by signposting to positive activities, opportunities, events and support that will help prevent offending behaviour and support young people by helping them to access existing services and facilities.


Since 2009 the Southwark Young Advisors StreetBase Team has been the bridge between young people and services.

The team engage with young people of all ages to find out about their interests and sign-post them on to or in to appropriate services or support. The approach used is very much youth inclusion however the team work in partnership with the local authority, emergency services, other key partners and organisations including charities to tackle low level crime and anti-social behaviour through engagement.

The team engage with young people from various backgrounds however predominantly target those perceived to be ‘hanging around aimlessly’ on streets and estates Borough wide.

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The 'Street Base' team's aim is to change perceptions by encouraging young people to get involved in positive activities, opportunities and support thus changing that negative perception.

Click here to download our Streetbase Report.