Southwark Young Advisors have been working hard for many years, we have received many Awards and some excellent testimonials that support our work.


National Young Advisors Charity Awards 2014

We recently won two awards at the National Young Advisors Charity Awards 2014. Overall winners for the 'RoundUp' Social Media award for our work on our 'RoundUp' site and Special Recognition for project with lasting impact for our 'Positive Choices' peer mentoring program that is delivered across Southwark. the team were also recognised for their ongoing partnership work with Southwark Council's Community Safety Team.

Southwark Council Fairer Future Excellence Award - Innovative Approach to Service delivery

The Southwark Young Advisors received the highest number of votes and were the winners of the third category in the current round of Excellence Awards (2014).

They were invited to a special event with some of their colleagues, where they were presented with their award by the leader of the council, Cllr Peter John and strategic director of finance and corporate services, Duncan Whitfield.

Chloe Newman, youth inclusion and projects manager said, "I'm always proud of them but today I'm especially proud. We're honoured to receive this award and we're grateful for the recognition. All of our Young Advisors live in Southwark and I know that they're extremely proud to be working as part of the wider community safety team, but particularly proud to be making a difference in their own communities.”
Young Advisor, Emmanuel Kwakye, 18, said, "We don't do our work expecting to get any awards so this has come as a big surprise; it's definitely the cherry on top of the cake. It shows that when you're doing good work, it really does get noticed." When speaking about how the team works together, he said, "We've had to acknowledge that we all have different strengths and that we have to utilise them. We're a more well rounded team because of that and it makes us better at what we do."

Working with the Police, residents' associations and charitable organisations such as the Damilola Taylor Trust and Jimmy Mizen Foundation, the Young Advisors have designed and delivered numerous engagement activities to promote a positive image for young people to aspire to. One of their most successful projects, Street Base, has led them to signpost over 8,000 young people to positive opportunities, activities, events and support since 2009.

They have also set up mentoring sessions to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour, working with young people, families and the wider community.

The Spirit of London Special Recognition Award 2012

In 2012 the Southwark Young Advisors were recognised for the work they did assisting with the management, planning and running of the Spirit of London Awards from 2009-2012. The awards recognise the achievements of young people across London and are held in memory of Damilola Taylor and all young people lost to violent crime.

Gary Trowsdale Chief Executive of the Damilola Taylor Trust said "'The Spirit of London Awards began right here in Southwark and the Southwark Young Advisors have always been in the background helping with planning and other projects. They have very much been a role model of what we wanted the Spirit of London Awards Ambassadors to become - a force for good. Thats exactly the kind of thing Young Advisors do on the estates around the borough. They really get results' A big well done for the whole Young Advisors movement to Team Southwark and their equally hardworking lead, Chloe Newman, on the delivery of a great event and completion of another amazing year!


Fire Safety & 'Positive Choices' Peer Mentoring

From the early beginnings of the Southwark Young Advisors Scheme, London Fire Brigade & London Borough Southwark’s Fire Liaison Officer have been working with this inspiring team to engage with local young people at a peer to peer level. As a result of this work the Southwark Young Advisors have contributed to a reduction in deliberate fire setting across the borough with particular seasonal reductions seen during October and November which historically suffered high numbers of fires. Deliberate fires over this period have reduced by 90% between 2009 and 2013 from 41 to 4. The Southwark Young Advisors are an asset to the borough & highly regarded by the agencies who work with them
Andy Snazell
Borough Commander Southwark Fire Brigade

David Idowu Peace Event 2014

To all of the Southwark Young Advisors - I'm overwhelmed with joy, you all make me happy and put a smile on my face and you are all what the David Idowu Foundation stands for which is love and peace. You all played a good part in making the David Idowu Peace Event 2014 a success, thank you very much. You are all unique people and leaders in different ways. Don't forget my quote that says "Leaders are light bearers". That is what you are. BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.
Mrs Grace Idowu 
Founder and Managing Director
David Idowu Foundation


"I have been out with this team, It was so inspiring. The team were a visible, powerful force not only talking about change in their communities but were going out to be the change in their communities. It was a pleasure to be with them.'
Christine Ohurugho
Olympic Gold medalist


“Southwark Young Advisors have a team of young people who walk round their local estates, talking to their peers and asking their opinions on what they think their community is like and what they would like to see or do. The young advisors then take time to find various local projects and schemes and forward this information onto the young people they have spoken to so that they can then hopefully participate. They can also relate to the young people they talk to and so can quite often offer advice about things that may be happening in their community and signpost them to key partners within the local authority, police and voluntary sector who may be able to help and offer guidance and support”. Ms Kinsella wrote in her report “The fact that Southwark uses young people to lead the patrols is an added bonus as I feel young people engage more with peers their own age. I think if this was used more widely in the battle to tackle knife crime and anti social behaviour, it would have a positive impact”
Brooke Kinsella MBE
(As part of her work on a knife crime report for the Home Office)


"We are so proud of our award-winning Young Advisors and their work on the StreetBase project, which has proven to be a vital bridge between local young people and the raft of opportunities, events, activities, apprenticeships and job opportunities the council tries to provide. "Since it began four years ago, Street Base has not only encouraged thousands of young people into these services but worked to turn around the public's negative perception of young people in general."
Cllr Richard Livingstone
Cabinet member responsible for community Safety at Southwark Council

Breaking down the stereotypes and improving the experience

Southwark Young Advisors have provided us with training sessions covering the topics of youth stereotypes and issues surrounding stop and search. Emmanuel and Jacqueline's professionalism and approach ability has allowed officers to address and explore some controversial topics in a structured and useful way. Their engaging and honest presentation style has allowed an open and very real forum for discussion. The work of the Southwark Young Advisors is an essential step in understanding and breaking down barriers that exist between young people and police. I would like to commend them not only for their confidence in working with police officers, but also for the amazing work they do amongst their peer group.
Katie Miller
Communities and Partnership Team Manager Southwark Police