Southwark - Positive Choices (Mentoring & Youth Provision)

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To empower young people to make 'Positive Choices' that enable them to maximise their current and future potential.


In 2013 the Southwark Young Advisors recognised the need for an Early InterventionExclusion Prevention mentoring program for young people in the local area. Since this time the team have run a successful 'Positive Choices' peer mentoring program across the Borough.

Working in partnership with educational providers, the local authority community safety team, key partners including Police, youth offending teams and children services the Southwark Young Advisors provide real and practical support to young people who are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education or at risk of offending behaviour and / or are offending.

What We Offer:


• Provide one to one peer mentoring support on an individual and group basis
• Build a ‘Positive Choices’ Plan for each young person
• Regular support from a positive role model
• Provide support with personal, social and academic development
• Raise self esteem and build confidence
• Help young people with personal development & life skills
• Tackle inappropriate behaviour and barriers preventing educational achievements
• Support young people with challenging and complex lives
• Help identify personal goals and life ambitions
• Implement practices that will bring lasting benefits to peers, schools/academies and the wider community
• Deliver Workshops on a range of subjects
• Offer support to schools/academies, organisations and key partners

Target Group Of Young People We Mentor:

• We work with any young person under the age of 17 years old
• Young people who have contact with the criminal Justice system or those at risk of offending
• Young people who are failing academically and / or are at risk of permanent exclusion
• Young people excluded from mainstream education
• Hard to reach/hard to engage young people
• Young people who have a caring role for a family member or friend

Youth Provision

For the past five years the Southwark Young Advisor's have run a number of early intervention and prevention youth provision's in the Borough


  • Improve Confidence & Well being

  • Tackles low level crime and anti social behaviour

  • Improves Cohesion

  • Improves Access to Opportunities

  • Tackles Inequality

Through this work the team aim to work with young people and their families within the local area to address concerns voiced by tenants, residents, local businesses and key partnership agencies including the local authorities community safety and housing departments, Police and London Fire Brigade.

Each young person enrolled in the provision receives one to one early intervention and prevention 'Positive Choices' peer mentoring that aims to support participants on an individual basis by implementing a program tailored to their support needs.

The Southwark Young Advisors in partnership with key partners, organisations and charities run group workshops with young people and their families covering a wide range of subjects including:

o Breaking down barriers
o Intergenerational workshops including
o Raising awareness of Drug and Alcohol misuse Awareness
o Inequality (homophobia, racism and ‘difference’)
o Community Impact & Consequences of Anti Social Behaviour
o Gang/Youth Violence
o Fire safety, Juvenile Fire setting and Firework Misuse
o Personal safety
o Travel safety
o Anti bullying
o Sexual health
o Stop & Search
o Prison life/witness & victims workshops
o Domestic abuse awareness
o Crime & disorder
o Mental Health Awareness

As part of our 'Positive Choices' youth provisions and peer mentoring programs the Southwark Young Advisors take young people aged 14 to 17 years old away to Boot Camp each year. A weekend full of physical conditioning; discipline; activities to bolster self-esteem, confidence, team building and leadership; with an emphasis on military like rules. The weekend run by Young Advisors and ex military personnel is packed full of fun and one of the trips which is always voted for by the young people we work with.

The team also get to take young people away on team building and education trips and run community activities and events throughout the year.