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The Southwark Young Advisor Team have been commissioned to run ‘Safer Streets Workshops’ (SSP) which involves engaging with people of all ages across the London Borough of Southwark with the aim of delivering ‘on the street’ workshops, promoting key safety messages in line with the Safer Southwark Partnership priorities (2013-2017)


As part of the ‘Safer Streets Workshops’ the Southwark Young Advisors focus on the top eight crime priorities that, in comparison to other crimes, affect Southwark communities disproportionately. These are:

• Domestic abuse
• Personal robbery
• Knife crime
• Youth violence
• Most serious violence
• Alcohol related crime
• Gun crime
• Drug related crime

The project will run as a 5 month pilot with the aim of securing funding to continue. The project will run alongside the successful ‘Street Base’ Project which has been run in Southwark since 2009. The additional funding granted by the SSP enables the team to deliver ‘Street Base’ & ‘Safer Streets Workshops’ covering each ward area of the London Borough of Southwark for 4hr shifts over a 6 day period for 23 weeks.

As part of the project the team will help promote ‘Tap-It’ a new personal safety app launched by Southwark Council for mobile phones that is designed to help people (young or old) who find themselves in vulnerable situations. Whether it's during an encounter with a stranger at a bar or whilst walking home alone at night, Tap-It makes it easier than ever to alert loved ones of a worrying situation.

The application, designed as the perfect personal safety companion, is pre-programmed with four messages that can be instantly sent to a a pre-selected group of contacts at the touch of a button, which makes it perfect for people who are not used to using highly technological equipment.


The messages are:

Check in - to let friends and family know that you have arrived at you destination safely
Collect me - to send a 'come and get me' message to a network of friends.
Interrupt me - tap to let friends call back for a reason to excuse yourself.
Safe locations - tap to find out the nearest safe havens if you are feeling vulnerable and want to go somewhere for help.