BLM Statement

As a board/charity we wanted to share our thoughts on the recent Black Lives Matter protests across the UK sparked by the murder of George Floyd in the USA. We share the anger, pain and frustration towards systemic racism in the recent BLM protests worldwide. We want to emphasise our commitment to always stand in solidarity with and champion the voices of black young people across the country.

We are proud of our diversity, empowering young people from all backgrounds to ultimately deliver change in communities across the country. We recognise and actively work to alleviate racial inequality and prejudice in all sectors. This is exemplified in our work empowering youth voices in the criminal justice system, health and education. We continue to advise and consult key national stakeholders ranging from the Metropolitan Police, NHS England and local authorities.

We urge our whole network and beyond to sign petitions, donate money and have conversations about racism with friends and family. As a youth-led charity we understand the importance of grassroots change. We will always stand as allies to all black people in all communities.