Want to work with young people? Got a project needing youth participation? Commission the Young Advisors!

We passionately believe in the power that young people have to improve services, communities and organisations. Young Advisors are a network of trained social entrepreneurs, aged 13-24, from diverse and representative backgrounds, skilled at gathering the opinions of their peers, obtaining an honest, lived perspective.

Young Advisors can not only get you access to the opinions and experiences of young people but will also deliver meaningful bespoke analysis to help shape your planning, marketing, communications, product or service development. We will work with you to ensure our research findings provide clear, actionable and specific recommendations to drive engagement and growth. Our deliverables are tailored to your requirements, but some examples our existing clients love include infographics, videos, social media, written reports and direct presentations.

Our Young Advisor network extends across the United Kingdom, so no matter your location, one of our local teams could work with your organisation – So what are you waiting for?

Some of

Our Services

Youth Proofing

We can analyse, edit and youth proof policy, documents, and services to ensure youth inclusion

Peer-Peer Engagement

We can conduct peer-peer engagement, talking directly with young people on the streets

Field Research

We can design research programs and deliver these, collecting data and presenting this as a report


We can tailor-make, and deliver presentations that are youth-friendly, enthused and meaningful


We can participate in consultations, expressing opinions of young people to influence service/policy design

Written Reports

We can offer written reports that are youth friendly - Including research papers and funding bids


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